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The goal of therapy is to enhance well-being and personal growth. Positive Psychotherapy and Education has broad appeal because it is research-based and offers practical, relevant direction for persons who are invested in optimizing their potential. Combined with complimentary theories and applications, individuals seeking services will experience a two-pronged approach in therapy; addressing current challenges while harnessing strengths and intrinsic motivation.
It is common to have questions about Positive Psychotherapy. In fact, therapy in general is often misunderstood or negatively portrayed by media and outdated delivery systems. The following is provided to help answer some questions you may have. However, I welcome your questions! Please feel comfortable contacting me at 920-723-0307 or [email protected].

What is Positive Psychology?

Positive Psychology is an applied science. As such, it is dually concerned with measuring and testing the qualities of well-being along with informing and promoting human flourishing. Therefore, while grounded in research, the applications of Positive Psychology provide a fresh viewpoint and direction for individuals seeking practical, relevant tools to enhance their well-being.

How can I benefit from seeking services from a Positive Psychologist?

Positive Psychologists are mental health professionals who believe that wellness is more than just correcting weaknesses, medicating symptoms, or gaining insight regarding "what went wrong". Positive Psychologists do not ignore negative emotions, past experiences, or current distress. Rather, they combine their knowledge of traditional psychotherapy with complementary practices that build upon individual strengths, values and purposeful living.

Positive Psychologists seek to understand, explore and advocate character strengths, purpose, intrinsic motivation, meaningful work, healthy relationships, positive emotion, engagement and accomplishment in the service of individual, family and community flourishing. When you work with a psychologist who believes "what is working and right" within an individual is equally important to the complexities and struggles that exist within modern life, you will benefit from a balanced approach that will assist you in moving towards your personal best.

What can I expect during a complimentary consultation session?

It is important to understand that a consultation session is not a treatment session. Instead, this 15 minute, free of charge consultation is designed to be informal and informative. There are multiple advantages to a consultation session. First, this meeting allows us to use either phone or tele-health to speak to one another before any type of commitment is made towards a working relationship. Relationship in any type of therapy is key to your success, so it is important that following the consultation session, you foresee a workable "match". Secondly, when contemplating psychotherapy, it is natural to feel a mix of feelings from uneasy and cautious to hopeful and excited. This is an excellent opportunity to have your questions and feelings addressed. Then, if you decide to enter therapy, you will be given important paperwork to fill out before the first session, and issues such as confidentiality, informed consent, and insurance reimbursement will be discussed.

What can I expect once therapy begins?

You can expect respectful, collaborative, focused attention and expertise as we co-create personally meaningful goals and attend to your unique life. The therapy and education that I provide is influenced by my formal education, over twenty five years of clinical practice, and my own joy of learning. I am a lifelong student and my practice evolves along with my learnings. Therefore, I will often bring in current articles, or recommend resources for your consideration. Also, because I believe that insight requires action for change to occur, I will often ask you to practice a skill or experiment with an idea between sessions. Finally, I will ask you for feedback so that your experience and my ability to meet your needs is optimized.

What if I have serious challenges that require other therapies or medical attention?

Thrive Psychology, LLC recognizes that there are unique and multiple pathways towards optimal health. While the professionals affiliated with Thrive Psychology, namely Ivy's Holistic Arts (, Dr. Jill Mallin ( and Liza Abitz ( have numerous years of education, training and "on the job" experience, no one professional can provide all services. Therefore, if multiple providers are involved in your care, or you are referred to another specialist, you will be asked to sign a written consent in order to allow and facilitate communication among those professionals involved in your care. This both protects your confidentiality and allows professionals to communicate with one another. Professionals will make recommendations and referrals, but with a few important exceptions, you ultimately decide on shared communication.

How do I get started?

To inquire about appointment availability, visit the Appointment Request page. If you would like more information, please call 920-723-0307, or email me directly at [email protected].     

"There are years that ask questions and years that answer" -Zora Neale Hurston 

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