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Dr. Sheila Kozler is a Clinical Psychologist specializing in mindfulness "know-how", grounded in the research and life-skills of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Dr. Kozler maintains a private practice- Thrive Psychology, LLC - located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Her practice is affiliated with Dr. Jill Mallin (www.hiddenpathcounseling.com) and networks with other local multi-disciplinary health providers. Dr. Kozler thrives in the relational, and offers collaborative, integrative services that build and buffer personal and interpersonal resources. Services are offered to individuals, couples, families, business and community members in an atmosphere of serenity, inspiration, and respect. For more information on services, visit the Services Provided tab.

Dr. Kozler is a fully licensed psychologist who received her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Indianapolis (2000) a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Indiana State University (1993), and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa (1990). In addition, Dr. Kozler is a Certified Gottman Educator and a Certified Parenting Counts Instructor. She also holds a Certificate in Grief Support from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is a sought-after local and regional speaker on topics related to parenting (Raising Optimistic Children, Emotional Communication, Parenting Counts!), marital communication and relationship building (Bringing Baby Home, Couples Connect), as well as Skills for Stress Recovery (Bounce!, Calm Within The Storm, Resiliency Skills for All Ages, The Art and Science of Happiness). Dr. Kozler has traveled as far as Rochester, Minnesota as an Invited Speaker at the Mayo Clinic, addressing oncology residents on the topic of sustainable wellness, yet most recently has focused on teaching local children and adults the self nurturing skills necessary for modern living (2020-2021: Invited presenter on Self-Compassion at the 1st Annual Social and Emotional Awareness Day at Nikolay Middle School; Invited presenter for the Cambridge Community Wellness Day and The Cambridge Chapter of PFLAG, presenting on Healthy Minds/Healthy Home: Creating Space That Invites Rest, Recovery, and Relationship: Invited Speaker for the Dwight Foster Library on Self Compassion). 

With over twenty-five years of direct "person to person" experience, Dr. Kozler brings an inspired, integrated blend of research based practices to offer a highly individualized approach tailored to each person who seeks therapeutic support. As a life-long learner and engaged advocate, you can expect that she will work diligently to understand the complexities of where you are at, while guiding you towards where you want to be. 

"Start where you are." -Pema Chodron

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